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Полное имя: Import Outlook PST file into Gmail Account
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Сайт: https://www.shoviv.com/blog/how-to-import-pst-file-into-gmail/
О сайте: As an outlook user, you must aware of PST and OST files generated in Outlook online and offline mode. The biggest issue users face is "how they import PST files into Gmail"? cause they know Gmail normally does not support PST files but with the help of the Shoviv Gmail IMAP Backup and Restore tool users easily import/upload Outlook PST files into the Gmail account. This tool supports importing multiple PST files into Multiple Gmail accounts at once. So that if you have multiple PST files in your local system and you want to import them into Gmail then You must try the Shoviv IMAP Gmail backup and restore tool once.

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